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We've all seen it before... provoking spirits just never turns out well. My story-telling stays focused on the positive energy that abounds in downtown Ellicott City and I can almost guarantee you'll walk away with picture proof!

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Celebrating her centennial year of sharing the stories of eerie history, famous ghosts and infamous spirits, Paula enchants visitors and promises to return… with almost every guest.


The magic of a tale shared by candlelight, secrets hidden in Ellicott's nooks, and the elegance of hundreds of years of history flavor of all Rissa's tours. She's a writer, artist, and complete sucker for a scary ghost story.

Guide Christina  credit Sarah Huber_edit

Christina has always been drawn to the whimsical, the fantastical, and the macabre. A resident of Main Street, she enriches her tours with stories told to her by her local friends and neighbors.

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Maryland History Tours founder, Ed's family has been in the Ellicott City area since the 1850's. His Grandmother swore she served dinner to the devil himself at their home along Frederick Road!


Nick would rather be haunted telling stories on Main Street than reading curious collections in his parlor. His over-active imagination and commitment to storytelling ensures you won't die of boredom on his tour - but if you do, please don't haunt him.


I've always been captivated by the past. Historic Ellicott City has its own unique charm that is different from other towns. As a living historian I have insight into much about the past and know that those who have gone before us often remain to teach and guide us and sometimes just scare us!

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Sensitive to the paranormal and an Old Ellicott City native for nearly 30 years, Zoe has had her fair share of strange experiences. Now a historian, she weaves her personal stories with her research on Victorian burial customs and the occult to teach visitors how not to pick up any unwanted *ghostly guests when in town.


A native resident of the Patapsco area, a passionate historian, and a lifelong paranormal enthusiast, Noël's tours intertwine the dark and twisted side of history with deeply personal tales of her own experiences.

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Ali almost certainly would have burned her house down (accidentally of course) if she had been born in the days of reading by candlelight. She’s always been so consumed with a good story—mythology, history, fiction—she probably wouldn’t have even noticed the drapes catching fire!

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Em has always had an interest in the paranormal and a special fondness for the town of Old Ellicott City. The Patapsco Valley has always been her home and she loves to share its rich history. It is her belief that the way in which we speak of the dead matters. 

Nicole - Ghost tour guide photo.jpeg

Nicole has always been fascinated with the supernatural since having her own personal experiences. She is a natural storyteller mixing history and paranormal. Fun Fact, her great grandfather was a priest who participated in an exorcism! 

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Jokingly referred to as "History Heather", she helps tell the story of the people who worked at and lived around Savage Mill. Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Heather gravitated to the Mill's history for its connection to the city and its long influential history.

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